From the year 1996

Straight-acting is FUN!
in Culture

This was a post I made to Usenet in soc.motss on November 11, 1996. Note: It generated a lot of really angry, really attacking responses. There were a lot of people who really hated 23-year-old Greg Stevens, apparently. I made an offhand reference to someone referring to me as “straight-acting” at some event that I […]

Gay myths about gays, and straight myths about gays
in Culture

This article is actually a scathing response I made to a Usenet post in soc.motss back on August 25, 1996. Note: I had a point…. but I was kind of a bitch about it, huh? Wow. ORIGINAL POST: > I think I’ve been misled by my het training. > I had assumed when I came […]

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