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You have no right to be offended by “Happy Holidays” (VIDEO)
in Personal Stuff

I made a video about the whole issue of “Happy Holidays” versus “Merry Christmas”. It’s actually kind of dark, but I think it’s something that needed to be said. This video is a first for me in a few ways. It’s the first time I’ve been this negative or aggressive with a political message – usually I opt for being sarcastic or funny in some way. This is also my first video doing the “talking to the camera” style of monologue. So check it out, and let me know what you think. Is it too much? Does it get the point across?

What if the people are just wrong?
in Politics

I hear this argument a lot recently: “Sure, the people want X or the polls say Y, but what if the people are just wrong?” We need to be honest about the answer to this question. In some ways, the fact that this question is cropping up is a symptom of the escalation of our rhetoric in American politics today, and the rhetorical division between differing sides in political debates. We when we reflect on our own cultural consciousness, there is a sense that we feel like the “other side” is alien and unknowable: not only do “those people” disagree with us, but we can never truly comprehend how they think. There is no hope of compromise or intellectual discourse, because the other side is constantly being presented as though it is incomprehensible, baffling, and alien.

Obamacare is like my toilet
in Politics

It’s hugely fashionable these days to make analogies between Obamacare and all kinds of things. So I will jump right on board: Obamacare is like my toilet, and I can explain why. Jon and I are remodeling our condo in Dallas, and as part of this project we bought a gorgeous one-piece dual-flush Kohler toilet […]

Sex and alcohol make you happier than kids and religion, study finds
in Science

The headline of this article, copied from the headline of a news article at MSN.COM, is a lie. It is 100% false, and MSN.COM should be sued. It’s an attention-getting lie, and it’s typical of the way media reports scientific findings. It is intended to generate page views on their “news” website. However, I find […]

Video interview with model Carson Nicely
in Interviews, Personal Stuff

Those of you who follow this blog know that I’ve done amateur video production on a number of projects, including political videos for Liberal Bias Video and random weird stuff for my personal Youtube channel. Well, I’ve branched out again, and this time shot a funny “spoof” interview video for Kernel Magazine. I’m doing a […]

15 out of 16 people are completely wrong about this amazing fact!
in Personal Stuff

You will never believe your eyes! … Really? You clicked on a link with that title? Are you a complete fucking moron? Why would you do that? Don’t you realize that titles like this one are the types of titles used by spammers and virus-distributors? (“OMG what are you doing in this video?” “Wow click […]

Don’t boycott ‘Ender’s Game’; donate to the Trevor Project instead
in Politics

Konrad Juengling asked for my opinion about his article about Boycotting “Ender’s Game”. This is a topic that I feel strongly about, so I’m putting it here. Dear Konrad, I agree with you 100% when it comes to your opinion of Orson Scott Card as a human being. His own political and social beliefs are […]

In defense of Les Miserables (2012)
in Culture

I didn’t see the 2012 movie of Les Misérables in the movie theaters. Although I tried to avoid reviews, because I did not want to be influenced, I did hear that many were disappointed. Specifically, people said that they were disappointed by the singing. Some people also complained about camera angles, and other miscellanea. But […]

The Kernel magazine is back!
in Personal Stuff

The Kernel is back online, and this time I’m going to be writing even more for them! Please check it out when you get a chance, read my articles and give them some social media love! I’m so proud and honored that the people at The Kernel, and all of you who read my blog, […]

A letter to a Christian friend on the nature of God
in Religion

Dear T*****, Thank you so much for your heartfelt letter, and for thinking of me after all of these years. I understand the love in your heart that motivated you to write to me and to share with me some of your deepest truths. Although you know that you and I do not stand eye-to-eye […]

What I eat in a day: my diet plan for bodybuilding during bulking and cutting phases.
in Fitness
Instinct Magazine

Usually I like to give people advice on diet based on what they already are eating, and what their goals are. There is no single diet that is correct for everyone. However, I also keep getting asked what my diet is, so here it is. A couple of notes before I go into it: First: […]

A response to Chris Krok on the topic of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin
in Politics

Every radio commentator has been doing their own post-mortem on the Zimmerman trial today. I want to respond specifically to the discussion by Chris Krok, local Dallas radio host on WBAP. Why focus on Chris Krok? Because in some ways I think his reaction represents the real, typical, “reaction of the people”. The reaction of […]

What do liberals think of polygamy?
in Politics

Conservatives love the “Gay marriage will lead to polygamy! Are you saying you really support polygamy?” argument.  Surprisingly, I rarely hear the intelligent, correct liberal response to this. Instead, I hear a lot of mealy-mouthed waffling.  Libertarians (and some liberals) say “Hell, yeah! There is nothing wrong with polygamy!” which doesn’t quite feel right to […]

Maybe it’s all just a joke.
in History

This past week has put me in a cynical mood, but has also made me wonder: how many of our “long-held beliefs” might have originally been intended to be…. well, bullshit? Let me start at the beginning. People have a difficult time with satire. I experience this first-hand, since a lot of my online humor […]

Romance Poem #34
in Personal Stuff

  Flowers are genitalia. I like to remind people of this for example, on Valentine’s day.   “Please accept these mutilated genitalia,” read my Valentine’s day card, “They remind me of you.”   To this day, I don’t know what went wrong.    

Making the “Young Gay Republicans” video
in Personal Stuff

I’ve just published my newest political video on the Liberal Bias Youtube channel, and I think it is the best one yet! You can view the video right here, but if you want to do me a huge favor, I’d love it if you would actually go to the video on Youtube and show your […]

Rush Limbaugh’s subtle conspiracy theory
in Politics

Rush Limbaugh, if nothing else, is good at rhetoric. He’s so good, he can get hordes of people believing in what is effectively a loopy conspiracy theory, without them even realizing it. Consider this excerpt, paraphrased from Rush’s radio show on June 12, 2013:   The entire motivation of the Democrat party, although they will […]

Islamists, Christianists, and Conservativists
in Politics

As our politics in the United States get more radicalized and divided, there is a corresponding rise in use of ist labels that people use to point fingers at each other. When I first heard the term “Islamist”, I didn’t like it. For one thing, the people who seemed to delight in using the term […]

…but what about Obama phones?
in Politics

“I just think it’s crazy, people without jobs, not working, and now the government is giving them free phones,” said the man at the dinner table. I did my best to answer him. “Well,” I said carefully, cognizant of the fact that I did not want the entire dinner to turn into a big debate, […]

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