From the year 2018

Some thoughts about the “expectation of privacy”
in Culture

It’s a weaselly little phrase.

Using biology to understand polling data
in Philosophy

…even when the results don’t seem to make sense.

What happened when I called conservatives vermin
in Politics

Spoiler: They missed the point entirely.

Motivation and control
in Science

How do we cope with things about ourselves that we can’t change?

Self-censorship and the society of mind
in Culture

The idea of self-censorship is rooted in a tangled mess of assumptions.

“They have their statue, why can’t we have ours?”
in Culture

A look at how policy shapes culture.

This is how feudalism starts
in History, Politics

The conditions that produced feudalism in the middle ages are eerily familiar.

Some things you didn’t know about New Year’s Day
in History

Adding winter months to the calendar was a big mistake.

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