Recent (2020-)

2023 Greg with shoulder cat Nyx
2023 Greg and Baphomet (Harry Hoofkloppen) at SatanCon in Boston
2022 Greg is a new cat dad, with Nyx and Eris
2022 Greg and Chalice
2021 Greg moving in to the new condo
2020 Greg and Josiah sitting on thrones at The Satanic Temple.
2020 Greg in Salem on Halloween.
2020 Greg + the crew getting ready for the Saturnalia celebration in Denver
2020 Greg Stevens and Lucien Greaves being silly.

Dallas (2009-2019)

2019 Greg and Josiah in Puerto Vallarta
2019 Greg at Hail Satan in Dallas
2019 Greg and Lucien at Sundance
2019 Greg and unknown dolphin
2019 Greg and James meet Mini Mouse.
2019 Greg and Baymax
2019 Greg Stevens and some friends at a Dallas pool party celebrating Fourth of July.
2018 Greg wearing "Positivity" cap
2018 Greg wearing "Fuck Your Family Values" by Millennial Politics.
2018 Greg wearing Rainbow Boy in Dallas, Texas.
2017 Greg leading the Babylonian Lottery Ritual in Dallas
2017 Greg and Zach in Hollywood
2017 Greg reading "Little Green Men", a gift from Lucien
2017 Greg and the crew
2017 Greg getting ready to perform in the Satanic ritual in Bisbee, Arizona.
2016 Greg and Jacoby workout buddies
2016 Greg Stevens, photo by Carson Nicely
2016 Greg doing the "Wild Africa Trek" in Disney World's Animal Kingdom
2016 Greg as Pikachu for Halloween
2016 Greg and friends random party craziness.
2016 Greg and Jon saving the universe at Disney World
2016 Greg and Jon with Mickey Mouse at Disney World.
2016 Greg helping to set up for a 4th of July party
2015 Greg, Jon, Joe Riggs, and Jason Hanna at the TurnItUpForChange event for Marriage Equality
2015 Greg interviewing Koby
2015 Greg Stevens in Hawaii
2014 Greg in New Orleans for Christmas
2014 Greg wearing Google Glass
2014 Greg with hair not behaving
2013 Greg showing off the new winter look. (LOL)
2013 Greg at an event in Dallas
2012 Greg with a strangely large jenga game
2012 Greg on the ferry at Disney World
2012 Greg with Valerie
2011 Greg and Brandon at the annual Teddy Bear Charity Party
2011 Greg at the Grand Canyon
2011 Greg on New Years
2010 Greg with family for Christmas
2010 Greg at Fire Island
2010 Greg and Jon on New Years Day
2009 Greg at Jeremy's birthday party
2009 Greg on Halloween
2009 Greg and Jon on New Year's day.

Older Stuff (2008 and earlier)

Greg worn out after Burning Man in 2008
Greg dressed up and ready in 2008
Greg snapshot 2007-02-03
Greg Stevens 2001
Greg Stevens and Pete Maneos in LA in 2000
Greg Stevens 2000
Partying like it's 1999.
Greg & friends at an after party in 1998
Greg Stevens 1998
Greg Stevens 1998
Greg Stevens 1998
Greg Stevens 1997
Greg Stevens 1997
Greg and Sean Halloween costumes 1995
Greg Stevens 1995
Greg Stevens and Hai Ting Chinn 1992
Greg Stevens 1992