From the year 2017

Why do you always correct me?
in Personal Stuff

A story about personalities and miscommunication.

This is what physics taught me about gender
in Culture, Science

Quantum mechanics really can change how you see the world.

Words, violence, and the mind-body problem
in Culture, History

Our discussions of free speech could be much more interesting.

A practical guide to being offended
in Culture

You’re offended. Now what?

Mathematics, music, and effing the ineffable
in Philosophy

Is it possible to describe aesthetic experiences?

Killing the myth that taxes are anti-democratic
in Politics

If you think taxes are infringing on your rights, you don’t understand democracy.

Everyday socialism
in Politics

You’re a socialist and you don’t even realize it.

The simple reason you can’t be against taxes and for human rights
in Politics

See if you can counter this argument.

Western civilization will completely collapse in the next 200 years
in History

Call me Hari Seldon.

The day I decided to put everything on the internet
in Personal Stuff

A story from the 1990’s.

Comfortable romance
in Personal Stuff

There is an art to gift-giving in long-time relationships. This is not it.

How social movements can know things that individuals do not
in Philosophy

Evaluating effective knowledge.

Capitalism and opabinia
in Science

Whenever I think about capitalism, I imagine myself with five eyes.

A frank conversation about making political progress
in Politics

Josiah Jennings and Greg Stevens talk plainly about what liberals don’t get about those who support Trump.

Would you like to pay a unicorn tax?
in Politics

Some insight into how incompetent our current federal legislative branch really is.

Liberals React to Beauty and the Beast
in Politics

A play in three acts.

Whatcha doin’?
in Personal Stuff

The conundrum of meta-interaction in the digital age.

In defense of corporate jobs
in Politics

Is being a consultant or entrepreneur hurting your social skills?

Meet my new intentionality machines
in Philosophy

Alexa, iRobot, and some thoughts about consciousness.

Let’s talk about virtuous capitalism
in Culture

It sounds promising, but I have some questions.

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