Gay myths about gays, and straight myths about gays

This article is a scathing response I made to a Usenet post in soc.motss back on August 25, 1996.

What do I think about this article today? I suppose had a point, sort of… but I was kind of a bitch about it, huh? Wow.

Gay Stereotypes

> I think I’ve been misled by my het training.
> I had assumed when I came out that homosexuality worked
> in a similar way to heterosexuality, and that with a bit
> of work I could find myself some sort of boyfriend…

Sorry, but chances are you’ve been mislead by your “fag training” and not your “het training.” Or possibly you’ve been mislead by your “PC training.”

The standard het stereotype is we fags can never get into serious relationships, and we’re all doomed to a life of constant kinky sex in back alleys with strangers.

It is the myth among queers, with all of the assimilationist “domestic partnership” and “gay marriage” fervor of today, that says that things work the same among gays as among straights. It is the gays that like to claim things work the same as with straights.

The hets… they have always known there is a difference.