it’s a good thing we’re not fireflies

Jon: It’s a good thing we’re not fireflies.

Greg: You think?

Jon: I mean, if we used that as a way to attract people. It would sure make things different at the bar.

Greg: Sure… maybe. Although, it would just be one more thing that people notice, right? I mean, you’d look around the room. “Hey, look at that girl with the pretty face.” “Hey, look at his chest.” “Hey… look how bright his ass is.”

Jon: I guess so.

Greg: And then, you know, people would probably do things to accentuate it. Like, you know how some people wear make-up, or tight clothes to highlight their bodies. So, some people might wear something bright or reflective to call attention to how bright their ass is.

Jon: True.

Greg: Although, you wouldn’t want to, like, over-do it. Because then, you know, you go home with someone, and the clothes come off, and they realize your ass isn’t quite as bright as they thought it was.  That’s awkward.

Jon: And there would be a whole pharmaceutical industry for pills that will make your ass brighter, for like a couple of hours at a time.

Greg: That’s true! But you’ve got to watch out for those cheap, over-the-counter knock-0ffs.

Jon: The ones that don’t actually make your ass brighter, they just make it a little yellower to give the illusion that it’s brighter.

Greg: That’s right. See? Things wouldn’t be that different after all.

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