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You have no right to be offended by “Happy Holidays” (VIDEO)

I made a video about the whole issue of “Happy Holidays” versus “Merry Christmas”. It’s actually kind of dark, but I think it’s something that needed to be said. This video is a first for me in a few ways. It’s the first time I’ve been this negative or aggressive with a political message – usually I opt for being sarcastic or funny in some way. This is also my first video doing the “talking to the camera” style of monologue. So check it out, and let me know what you think. Is it too much? Does it get the point across?

Video interview with model Carson Nicely

Those of you who follow this blog know that I’ve done amateur video production on a number of projects, including political videos for Liberal Bias Video and random weird stuff for my personal Youtube channel. Well, I’ve branched out again, and this time shot a funny “spoof” interview video for Kernel Magazine. I’m doing a […]

15 out of 16 people are completely wrong about this amazing fact!

You will never believe your eyes! … Really? You clicked on a link with that title? Are you a complete fucking moron? Why would you do that? Don’t you realize that titles like this one are the types of titles used by spammers and virus-distributors? (“OMG what are you doing in this video?” “Wow click […]

The Kernel magazine is back!

The Kernel is back online, and this time I’m going to be writing even more for them! Please check it out when you get a chance, read my articles and give them some social media love! I’m so proud and honored that the people at The Kernel, and all of you who read my blog, […]

Romance Poem #34

  Flowers are genitalia. I like to remind people of this for example, on Valentine’s day.   “Please accept these mutilated genitalia,” read my Valentine’s day card, “They remind me of you.”   To this day, I don’t know what went wrong.    

Making the “Young Gay Republicans” video

I’ve just published my newest political video on the Liberal Bias Youtube channel, and I think it is the best one yet! You can view the video right here, but if you want to do me a huge favor, I’d love it if you would actually go to the video on Youtube and show your […]

The types of people who are types of people

Out at parties and bars and events, I meet many people who are Types of People, and who assume that other people are Types of People, too. This is disconcerting for me, since I am no Type of Person at all. It goes like this: “What are you doing later this evening?” “We’re going to […]

Expectations for the Ender’s Game movie

In November of 2013, one of my favorite science fiction novels of all time will be released as a big-budget movie. I’ve got very mixed feelings about this, which leaves open the question: Will I go see it? I first read the book Ender’s Game about 25 years ago. I was on a camping trip, […]

Making a gun video

I’ve now produced my second political satire video! It was about gun control, and involved a porn star, a realistic-looking fake gun, and a lot of driving. First, if you haven’t checked it out already, please watch the video. It’s only 2 minutes long, and you might even think it’s funny. It also would really […]

4 lessons I learned producing my first political satire video

I just produced my very first political satire video for my website! For anyone interested, I thought I would blog a little bit about what this experience was like, and my 4 big “lessons learned” from the experience. First, if you haven’t checked it out already, please watch the video. It’s only 3 minutes […]


Jon: Marmoset. Greg: Marmoset? Jon: What? Greg: Are you… would you like a marmoset? Jon: What’s a marmoset? Greg: It’s a tiny little furry… I don’t know. I think they’re related to monkeys. Jon: What are they for? Greg: For? I don’t know.  They’re cute. I think they hang out in trees. Jon: So why […]

The Silver One

This is the story of how I learned a valuable lesson about truth, family, and loyalty. It happened when I was very young. It was summer, and Charlie and I were playing on the small stretch of curb between our two houses. We were playing with matchbox cars, running them all over the rough terrain […]

playing hard-to-get vs. being hard-to-get

People struggle with the conflict between not “playing games” and not “being too eager”: the two mortal sins of the dating world. But there is a simple way to avoid both: get a life. I hate seeing people struggle with this issue. I’ve talked to people in their early 20’s and people in their late […]

everyone is always wrong

When managing social relationships, I’m a big advocate of the “both people are wrong” approach. Which works really well, except when it doesn’t. My favorite example of this comes up when handling the classic misunderstanding-and-offense scenario. One person says something (like, “Looks like you got us lost!”). The other person takes offense (like, “It’s not […]

What would your Medieval signature be?

I’m not going to post about politics for the next two weeks. Instead, I’ll focus on other things that matter to me: science, philosophy, history, and of course… handwriting. The reason that I’m not going to post about politics is that I would feel compelled to say something about the upcoming election, and I really […]

Supergeek Halloween Costume: Tron (illuminated costumes)

When making your Halloween costume involves solder and wires, you know it’s serious. This year we wanted to do Tron, and we wanted to do it right! Luckily we found an amazing group, UD Replicas, that makes motorcycle outfits that are actual screen-accurate replicas of various costumes. So, these outfits were not cheap: full leather […]

from -5 to +5

Any time you are evaluating your preference (like or dislike) for something, you should rank it on a scale from -5 to +5. This applies to everything from parties to movies to sex partners. It will make your life easier, and in this post I will prove it to you. Drinking Games At The Bar […]

Building your true self
lower-case "n"

When I was little, I learned how to write my lower-case “n” the same way that everyone else does. I drew it the way that (in all likelihood) it appears on the screen to you now: a vertical line on the left side with a kind of hump on the right side. Later on, I […]

My rubbishy G-rated sex dreams

I’m almost 40 years old, and I’ve almost never had a sex dream that actually had any real sex in it. I don’t know whether this is unusual, but it sure is annoying. I realized this after a dream that I had a couple of nights ago. I was back in my senior year in […]

6 tips for online debate

This month marks the 20-year anniversary of me annoying the crap out of people by getting into philosophical debates on the internet. I therefore thought it might be fun to share some of the things I’ve learned over the years about how to cyber-debate… and how not to. It was the beginning of my Sophomore […]

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