Memorial for Eris

I rescued two cats from a hoarder house the week before Hallowen in 2022, and I named them Eris and Nyx. My friend Zee told me that the people living there were about to be evicted and welcomed anyone coming and adopting cats if they could. The house was in terrible condition, and cats were everywhere. Two of them called out to me, and I had to take them home. I brought them to the vet so they could get their shots and get healthier. They had upper respiratory infections and were both malnourished. I also learned they both have FeLV, so I knew they might have a limited time. I was determined to give them a happy life as long as I could.

Eris has died. Over the last few weeks Eris began to experience confusion and loss of motor control. Eris was hiding in corners and refusing to eat, and then was hit with total loss of proprioception in the back legs. With Eris being unable to walk, we were out of options. I wanted Eris’s final moments to be joyful, so the vet and I made the decision to let Eris go comfortably rather than prolonging things.

Many of my friends have been asking how I am doing, which I appreciate very much. I thought Eris and I would have longer than a year, but we had a good year. It was a year that Eris would not have had if they had not come into my life. So, I’ve created this little “slideshow” of the first year that Eris, Nyx, and I had together as a kind of tribute and memorial for Eris.