Consent and harassment in the gay community

(If you don’t care about the backstory and just want to take the survey, scroll down! And thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion.)

I’ve recently begun co-hosting a series of events launched by my friend Wil Turner, called “Cocktails and Conversation with Wil“. The idea behind the series is to get people from different backgrounds, maybe people who don’t normally hang out with each other, to socialize and have fun, but also to talk about important and challenging issues we face within the various communities we belong to.

Each event has a theme or topic, and people are encouraged not only to express their own views but to listen to and understand those around them. Everyone is encouraged to speak up, voice both agreement and disagreement, and really delve into issues with a goal of understanding the different perspectives of the people around them.

This coming Saturday, 30 June 2018, will be a summer poolside barbecue event with music and food, and the topic for discussion will be consent and harassment within the LGBTQ community. My friend Jim Walker (a.k.a. Dallas Steele) will be leading the discussion, and we’re sure to get a wide range of stories and opinions!

I would love it if you would fill out this short survey (only 4 questions) on the topic of consent and harassment. We will be using the answers that we get to help drive and inspire conversation during the event. If you can’t get the survey embedded below to work, you can click here to open the survey in its own page.

If you live in Dallas, please come to the event! And please feel free to leave more detailed thoughts or feedback in the comments below. Thanks for your help, and for expressing your views.

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  1. James Bridge says:

    Will you be sharing the comments received, or otherwise blogging about the results?

    • Greg Stevens says:

      I absolutely can if people are interested in that. We are also working on putting together a website specifically for the Cocktails and Conversation With Wil events, where we can post stuff like that after each of the events. Once that is up and running I will be sure to share that as well!

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