From the year 2016

Did I deal with this beggar correctly?
in Personal Stuff

I tried to help her, and she took advantage of me. This is what I did next.

What feminism got right and wrong, in the 60’s and today
in Culture

My 80 year old aunt reminisces about feminism.

Your self help book is problematic
in Culture

People love to avoid taking good advice, especially when they don’t trust the source.

A day in the life of an anxiety sponge
in Personal Stuff

Having the right mindset can transform a theme park experience, for both you and those around you.

Why is racism bad?
in Culture, Science

Recently a young man on Twitter ask me: Why is racism bad? It might seem like a troll question, but he went on to explain what he meant. He wasn’t talking about hating people or restricting rights based on race. He wasn’t talking about using racial slurs or promoting racial segregation. He was using “racist” in that dry, emotionless statistical way that people do when they are making a case for profiling…

Guys and Females
in Culture

My friend Mike is a personal trainer. We were discussing client personalities, and the fact that different clients like different approaches, different techniques, different attitudes from the person training them. At one point Mike remarked that while everyone is an individual, and people vary widely, he has noticed a pattern of differences “between guys and females”. I interrupted: “Why do you say it that way?”