Will laws relating bathroom use to birth certificates make people safer?

My latest chit-chat interview with Valerie Jackson is about the new appearance of bathroom laws that require people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificate. Critics call them “anti-trans bathroom laws” and say they are attacks on the trans community; supporters say it’s just a way to make bathrooms safe from sexual predators.

This has been debated a lot in the media, so I wanted this interview to be really personal: I wanted to ask Valerie about her experiences as a trans woman, and find out her thoughts about how these laws impact her specifically. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out now:

To me, the most striking point that Valerie made in this interview was that, if you really think things through, this law will absolutely not prevent sexual predators from “getting away with” anything.

In fact, as Valerie points out, after this law is passed it will be much easier for a man to walk right into a woman’s restroom, dressed as a man, and claim to be a trans man (who, according to these laws, would be legally required to use the women’s restroom). So this law is literally not helping to prevent anything.

What was your most (or least) favorite part of the interview?

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