My dramatic reading of The Sentry by Fredric Brown

This is one of my favorite “micro-fiction” short stories from Fredric Brown. He went through a phase in 1954 where all he wrote was science fiction short stories that were less than a page in length. Generally they just contained a single joke, a single cool or thoughtful idea, and that’s it. Of the many, many short stories he published in that year, this is my favorite.

It’s shorter than any of my other readings, so you should be able to make it through to the end! And make sure you do: the entire point of the story is the “twist” in the very last line.

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  1. TOMG7243 says:

    Nice voice. You should do audiobooks.

  2. Ryan says:

    Haha I totally saw that ending coming, tho.

  3. JB says:

    You’re getting better with these. I like your expressions and everything you get really into it. Oh and you look good too BTW