Faith in religion versus faith in science, versus faith in yourself

In this week’s “Unscripted Chit-Chat” video, I chat with Josiah Jennings about opinions, evidence, science, faith and optimism. This chat was motivated by the many conversations we’ve had about the article “No, you’re not entitled to your opinion” by Patrick Stokes. It’s an article we both agree with, but it is a great jumping off point for asking some questions about the difference between trusting scientific data and having “faith” in religion, what it means to have “faith in science”, the fact that the word “believe” means different things depending on how people use it, and when it makes sense to “believe” in yourself or in an optimistic future.

Check it out, and click over to Youtube to leave me a comment: criticism, encouragement and suggestions are all welcome! Although I already know that my nose was shiny in this video, so you don’t have to tell me that. I need to powder or something.

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Since you bothered to come by my blog here, instead of just going to Youtube, you get some extras! For example, this screenshot of me making a goofy face at Josiah while we were setting up to record:

Greg Stevens - making a goofy face during the recording of a video

And, these are the four options I was considering when trying to decide what image to use as the thumbnail for the video:

Composite of video thumbnail options

So what do you think…. did I pick the right one?