My dramatic reading of Trurl’s Machine, by Stanislaw Lem

I’ve started a new project on my Youtube Channel: I’m going to start doing little dramatic readings of some of my favorite old, classic short science fiction stories.  The first one I decided to do is an abridged version of “Trurl’s Machine” by Stanislaw Lem.

I know that being read to isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and honestly I don’t expect any of these videos to get tons of views. But if you like classic science fiction, or maybe if you just like the idea of me reading to you, please go check it out, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. You can always get to my Youtube channel very easily by typing

Leave a comment, let me know what stories you’d like me to read to you, and we’ll have some fun.

P.S. Yes: I have a very deep voice. I know.

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