Supergeek Halloween Costume: Aquaman from Smallville

For Halloween this year, Jon and I were feeling lazy and so we re-used costumes from several years ago. I was excited because I broke out my old Aquaman costumer from 2011. Wait, no: allow me to be more specific. This costume was the Smallville variation of Aquaman…. who is very different from, well, basically any other Aquaman.

Greg Stevens as Aquaman, Jon as Green Arrow, the Smallville versions, for Halloween 2011Back in 2011, Jon and I decided to do a whole Smallville-themed Halloween: Jon would be Green Arrow, I was Aquaman, my trainer at the time would be Clark Kent and his girlfriend would be Lana Lang. We all looked reasonably the part, and while Clark and Lana’s costumes weren’t particularly complicated, Jon and I knew we wanted to go all-out.

In case you’re not familiar, the television show Smallville portrays Superman as a teenager and young man, before he became “Superman”. It centers around him trying to lead a “normal” teen life, while at the same time discovering his powers and trying to lean, both practically and morally, how to handle them. It was a decent show, and like all teen-oriented dramas they used super-hot young actors and actresses, so that’s always nice.

(Alan Ritchson played Aquaman; Justin Hartley played Green Arrow; Tom Welling played Clark Kent; and Kristin Kreuk played Lana Lang.)

Greg Stevens Aquaman Costume, Halloween 2011We ordered our costumes online from a Cosplay store, but when they arrived they weren’t quite right so we had to do some tailoring and additions. The main thing that differentiated the Smallville / Alan Ritchson Aquaman from literally every other Aquaman is how totally gay he looked. I’m not saying that as a slur, obviously: the sleeveless hoodie made of super-thin material and form-fitting pants were pretty much exactly what I like to look for in any Halloween costume. So when the costume arrived, I took in the waist and changed the cut at the shoulders to show off my shoulders more, added the diving belt strapped to my left calve, and literally painted a $200 pair of shoes to match the costume (which Jon still hasn’t forgiven me for).  And voilà!  Smallvilled Aquaman!

In 2011 I even had my hair long so I could do that “wet look” that Alan Ritchson had when he played Aquaman.

But, the real story I want to share is from this year, in 2014, when I wore the costume again.

Back in 2011, the show Smallville was still on the air, and we were all in a big group that made it obvious we were doing a theme. I wasn’t surprised that we were recognized and identified: not only as superhero costumes, and not only as Green Arrow and Aqauman, but as the Smallville versions of these characters in particular.

This year, though, Jon and I did our own things. I chose to re-use my Aquaman costumer from 2011, he chose to re-use an old boyscout costume of his. Moreover, the show Smallville has been off the air now for more than three years. I didn’t expect people to really recognize who I was meant to be when we went out last night.

But they did! And the way I could tell the real comic book / superhero geeks, is those were the ones who immediately said, “Hey, you’re Aquaman from Smallville!” It happened at least a dozen times over the course of the evening, and I have to say: it’s that kind of thing that really makes going all out super-geek on Halloween totally worthwhile.

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