From the year 2013

Edward Kelley, a con-artist of the ages
in History

One of my favorite con-artists in history, and there have been plenty, was Edward Kelley. He successfully conned wise men and emperors, and eventually died of his own success. Ed Kelley was born in Worchester, England, in 1555. His youth was an obscure life of petty crime. He was caught and charged for corpse-stealing. He […]

4 stupid arguments against gun control
in Politics

If you are a conservative who is against gun control laws, then these are 4 arguments you should NOT use when trying to argue your case. They will backfire and make you look like a stupid idiot. 1) Criminals will still have guns and murder people even if guns are illegal This is a terrible […]

Who needs protection from football?
in Politics

Recently┬áBen Ferguson was explaining on his radio show why it’s important, and not sexist at all, to have rules that prevent women from playing football with men once they reach High School. Let me start by saying that Ben Ferguson is pretty decent, as conservative talk show hosts go. Or maybe it would be more […]

College bodybuilder tips: How to compare yourself to other people
in Fitness

Dear K***, There are a lot of people who will tell you that you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people. Well, that’s a load of bullshit. What matters is making sure you compare yourself to the right people, in the right way. I’ve always thought that people who say “Oh, you should never compare yourself […]

Deconstructing a quote by Ayn Rand
in Philosophy

Ayn Rand once said, “…an error made on your own is safer than ten truths accepted on faith, because the first leaves you the means to correct it, but the second destroys your capacity to distinguish truth from error.” This is a ridiculous and meaningless statement, and you need to know why. First, let me […]

Perez Hilton is a…
in Culture

Some singer and rapper named Azealia Banks called some underemployed gossip monger named Perez Hilton a faggot on twitter. I wasn’t offended by use of the word, so much as disappointed that she couldn’t come up with anything more creative. It all started when this happened: I didn’t see it happen. I don’t follow “Azealia […]

Three quotes that changed how I see religion
in Religion

“I don’t understand how you can believe that,” I said. “I know,” he replied. “But that’s ok, right? I mean… you don’t always have to understand, do you?” Sometimes the right comment, from the right person, can change the way you see the world. I’ve gone through a lot of changes in the way I […]

Doing less with less
in Politics

During this recession, companies have tightened their belts. The catch phrase is “doing more with less”. Some companies imagine they have learned to function with fewer employees. But they are fooling themselves. They are not doing more with less; they are doing less with less. Recently I was talking with a CIO of a large […]