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Is it racist to be proud of White Culture?
in Culture

The notion of “White Heritage” or “White Culture” is inherently racist, because “White” is not and never has been a cohesive historical cultural group. This is an important point: to say that you are proud of your Irish heritage or your German heritage or your British heritage makes sense. In those cases, there are thousands […]

The Green Man
in Culture

The four-year-old girl looked at the one African American in the room, and said: “You’re not the same color as me!” An awkward silence descended instantly on the room. Every adult paused, wincing slightly. The tension was palpable. Glasses were held in mid air, as if nobody wanted to move, as they waited to find […]

Do real liberals demonize plastic surgery?
in Politics

I’m going to let the following Facebook thread speak for itself.  This was all in response to the following image posted on the Being Liberal Facebook Page: Greg StevensWhy is “plastic surgery” included in this mix? What’s up with demonizing plastic surgery? Will you be demonizing tattoos, next? What a weird “Puritan” streak to see […]

The types of people who are types of people
in Personal Stuff

Out at parties and bars and events, I meet many people who are Types of People, and who assume that other people are Types of People, too. This is disconcerting for me, since I am no Type of Person at all. It goes like this: “What are you doing later this evening?” “We’re going to […]

Expectations for the Ender’s Game movie
in Personal Stuff

In November of 2013, one of my favorite science fiction novels of all time will be released as a big-budget movie. I’ve got very mixed feelings about this, which leaves open the question: Will I go see it? I first read the book Ender’s Game about 25 years ago. I was on a camping trip, […]

Making a gun video
in Personal Stuff

I’ve now produced my second political satire video! It was about gun control, and involved a porn star, a realistic-looking fake gun, and a lot of driving. First, if you haven’t checked it out already, please watch the video. It’s only 2 minutes long, and you might even think it’s funny. It also would really […]

Where is the scientific data on the effects of child beauty pageants?
in Science

Are child beauty pageants damaging to children? Tons of people think so, because it seems to “make sense”. However, I have been strangely unable to find real scientific data back up the crusade some people seem to have against them. Now, I will be the first to admit: I’m not an expert in this field […]

sex and chromosomes : some stuff you didn’t know
in Science

1 in 60,000 women have one X and one Y chromosome.  They are still women. The ratio of women who have an X and a Y chromosome is much higher among actresses and fashion models than in the general population. If you are a heterosexual man, there’s a good chance you’ve lusted after a woman […]

Two month calorie and weight chart of my leaning process
in Fitness

As an experiment, I measured my calorie intake daily, and my weight three times a day, for two months while going through a “cutting phase” in my workout routine. The resulting chart is pretty interesting. First: Notice that I stepped down my calorie intake about 200 calories every two weeks.  My daily calorie intake is […]

My soul, and my computer’s soul
in Philosophy, Religion

It’s easy for an atheist to dismiss the idea of “soul” when you assume that it means something like “ghost” or “spirit” or “translucent glowing thing like in the movies”. But what if it means something different? There are a lot of concepts that are interconnected with the concept the the “soul”, and some of […]

4 lessons I learned producing my first political satire video
in Personal Stuff

I just produced my very first political satire video for my website! For anyone interested, I thought I would blog a little bit about what this experience was like, and my 4 big “lessons learned” from the experience. First, if you haven’t checked it out already, please watch the video. It’s only 3 minutes […]

Every argument about marriage equality, ever
in Politics

1: P: Why are you against marriage equality? 2: C: Because marriage is between a man and a woman. 3: P: Why? 4: C: Because that’s what God wants. It says so in the Bible. 5: P: What about people who don’t believe in the Bible? 6: C: Marriage is a religious tradition. I know […]

5 Tips for the question: “Should I get a personal trainer?”
in Fitness
Greg Stevens and Jacoby Morgan

How to choose a personal trainer.

The dangers of a “good argument”
in Philosophy

“Good arguments” can be vile things. They are a tool that smart people can use to never question themselves, and feel superior the whole time they are doing it. The core of the problem is this belief: “If I can come up with an argument for conclusion X that sounds logical, then that means I […]

Will Obamacare work?
in Politics

On October 1, the Obamacare state-based health insurance exchanges open for business. It is on that day that the ultimate fate of the “Obamacare project” will be decided. What, specifically, will determine the fate of Obamacare? It won’t be votes in the House or the Senate.  It won’t be speeches made by politicians. It won’t […]

Good government is like good software: a developer’s perspective
in Politics

I’d like you to consider the analogy, “Good government is like good software.” But specifically, I want you to look at it from the software developer’s point of view.     SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT When I was in college, classes on computer programming were very focused on theory and fundamentals. Nobody got to learn how to […]

in Personal Stuff

Jon: Marmoset. Greg: Marmoset? Jon: What? Greg: Are you… would you like a marmoset? Jon: What’s a marmoset? Greg: It’s a tiny little furry… I don’t know. I think they’re related to monkeys. Jon: What are they for? Greg: For? I don’t know.  They’re cute. I think they hang out in trees. Jon: So why […]

Would you like to pay a Doctor Who tax?
in Politics

Everyone has their own favorite “what if” scenarios when talking about taxes. I’d like to talk about a Doctor Who tax. In case you are not familiar, Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series that began in 1963, in black and white.  It has had its ups and downs, and was cancelled for […]

If you don’t want to be called a bigot, then don’t be one.
in Politics

The U.S.A. Today article entitled “Gay marriage? These voices say ‘No’ and explain why” is hateful. I have no sympathy for bigots who feel that it is “mean” when they are called bigots. If you don’t want to be called a bigot, then there’s an easy solution: don’t be one. This is an ongoing trend […]

Eat the rich: why not a one-time wealth tax?
in Politics

Even though the one-time wealth tax solution to the Federal Debt has recently been proposed by a minion of Satan, I’m beginning to be a fan. Maybe you can convince me not to be. Here is the basic concept behind the thing, with some numbers. The total wealth in the U.S is somewhere in the […]