You have no right to be offended by “Happy Holidays” (VIDEO)

I made a video about the whole issue of “Happy Holidays” versus “Merry Christmas”. This one is kind of dark, but I think it’s something that needed to be said.

This video is forceful, stylized, and dramatic. As a result, the central thesis may not be stated as bluntly and overtly as some might prefer. To avoid misunderstanding, I would like you to read the following statement, which also appears in the video description on Youtube, before you click through to watch:

The point of this video isn’t that some groups have a “right to be offended” while others do not. The point is that the word “n*****” has a history of VIOLENCE associated with it, the word “f*****” has a history of VIOLENCE associated with it, and the word “b****” has a history of VIOLENCE associated with it. These words are linked to trauma both in the personal experience of individuals and in the generational and structural prejudice that supports that violence. By contrast, there is no history of VIOLENCE associated with the words “happy holidays”. Nobody has been beaten and raped and killed while the perpetrator yelled “happy holidays” at him. That is why, if you wring your hands over being offended at the phrase “happy holidays,” your are just an ignorant asshole, nothing more.

Content Warning: I use several derogatory words associated with a history of violence and trauma, including the N-word for black people, the F-word for gay people, and the B-word for women. I discuss the historical context of these words in order to highlight the absurdity of claims that “Happy Holidays” is offensive. Being exposed to these words may resurface trauma that some people have experienced regardless of context and intent.