Video interview with model Carson Nicely

Those of you who follow this blog know that I’ve done amateur video production on a number of projects, including political videos for Liberal Bias Video and random weird stuff for my personal Youtube channel.

Well, I’ve branched out again, and this time shot a funny “spoof” interview video for Kernel Magazine. I’m doing a hard hitting interview with model Carson Nicely. He was involved in making a series of videos targeted specifically towards catering to the lustful fantasies of straight women: hot guys doing chores around the house!!

I get to talk to him about what that experience was like.  It’s funny. Check it out:


The direct link to the video on Youtube is here:

As always, if you find it worthy, go ahead and click the green thumbs-up “like” button on Youtube to give me some online love. And try to be patient enough to watch all the way through. We’re both shirtless starting at 2:48, if that makes a difference to you.

Either way, enjoy it and have fun!

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