Every argument about marriage equality, ever

1: P: Why are you against marriage equality?

2: C: Because marriage is between a man and a woman.

3: P: Why?

4: C: Because that’s what God wants. It says so in the Bible.

5: P: What about people who don’t believe in the Bible?

6: C: Marriage is a religious tradition. I know the state wants to take it over, but it’s originally a religious tradition.

7: P: What if someone is religious, but their religion believes that same-sex marriage is ok?

8: C: But our culture is based on the Judeo-Christian religion.

9: P: Should all of our laws be based on the Bible? Should we stone people who eat the wrong food?

10: C: But marriage is a basic pillar of our culture. We can’t just change it.

11: P: At one time slavery was a basic pillar of our culture. We changed that.

12: C: But slavery was just caused by prejudice. Being gay is unnatural.

13: P: Some animals form life-long same-sex bonds. Almost all animals have same-sex sexual behavior.

14: C: When I say “unnatural”, I mean it can’t produce children.

15: P: Should straight couples who can’t have children be allowed to marry?

16: C: But isn’t anal sex unhealthy?

17: P: Marriage isn’t about sex. Lots of gay people don’t have anal sex. Lots of straight people have anal sex. Sexual behavior isn’t really related to marriage.

18: C: Why do gay people need marriage? Why can’t we just give them rights and stuff?

19: P: The notion of marriage is a big part of our culture. Its meaningful to people.

20: C: But it’s just a word! Why do they need to force us to let them use the word?

21: P: If it’s “just a word”, then why does it bother you for gay people to use it for their own relationships?

22: C: [GO TO LINE 2]