Who is in control?

A local conservative talk show host talks about a confrontation between an old woman and a police officer.

“She disrespected the officer. She got what she deserved,” says the host.

A caller calls in: “People get disrespected at work every day. That didn’t give the officer the right to…”

“Let me ask you this,” interrupts the host. “Who is in control, in that situation?”

Caller: “At a speed trap? Nobody’s in control…”

Host: “Wrong. You have a police officer, and an old woman driving. Who is in control?”

Caller: “The woman. The civilian is in charge, because the officer works for her.”

Host: (so upset that he is literally stuttering) “Wrong!  You have no understanding of… of the police, or law, or anything! The officer is in charge. Of course the officer is in charge.  If you can’t see that… I just don’t understand how you can’t see that.”


Something about this conversation struck me as very profound. These are fundamental differences between how different people can view a situation. The differences are so fundamentally different that the two sides actually cannot even communicate: each one just can’t even understand how the other side can possibly disagree.

Even  on a topic seemingly as small, and simple, as an old lady being pulled over at a speed trap.


Lady Driver

Who do you think is in control?