September 11th: some photos




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  1. Todd says:

    No doubt, that makes sense, I’m just angry at the FDA everytime I think about their air comments. I’m also very proud of the people in this country, that pulled together to help one another in such a tragedy.

  2. Todd says:

    What is the point in these photos? The last one, and a few others, show that though the FDA said the air was fine to breathe, common sense told people that anything that smells that bad, can’t be safe. Sad fact though, those type face masks weren’t enough to stop that toxic cocktail.

    • Greg Stevens says:

      No point, really. Just sharing.

      Or maybe… to show the human side: the day-to-day, ordinary life things. The sadness.

      I sometimes worry that when most photos focus on pulled-back pictures of explosions and wreckage, it’s easy to see it as a “big event” but not as a “personal event.” Does that make sense? At any rate, it wasn’t meant as a huge statement; it’s just some pictures.