Why you should support Obamacare, in 4 sentences.


1)  Hospitals are required to treat people who show up in their emergency rooms whether they are insured or not, and whether they can afford it or not: if the people get treatment, and they cannot afford it, the hospital is paid using my tax dollars.

2)  With Obamacare, poor people will be “forced” to get health insurance; but if they can’t afford it, the cost will be subsidized by the government, so the insurance for poor people will be paid for using my tax dollars.

3)  I’m paying either way: it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to pay for insurance for poor people than to pay for emergency room visits for uninsured poor people.

4)  If you think Obamacare is taking away your “Freedom,” then you don’t realize that you are already paying for hospitals to treat broke people: that means you are already “not free”, and your only choice is to pay more (without Obamacare), or less (with Obamacare).