a metaful colorphor

Democrats and Republicans have taken up a very serious topic today: the color purple.

While both parties agree that the color purple is ugly, they disagree about where the fault lies.

“It’s obvious that the blame lies entirely with the red pigment,” said a representative of the Democratic party. “After all, if all of the red pigment were gone, there would be no more purple. That clearly proves that the red pigment is what is at fault.”

Republicans, on the other hand, disagree. “The real source of the problem is in the blue pigment,” one highly-placed Republican official said. “I mean, just think about it rationally for a moment. If there were no blue pigment, but everything else remained the same, then the color purple would simply disappear. That is simple proof that the fault lies with the blue pigment.”

OneĀ  scientist, who happens also to be employed by the largest manufacturer and distributor of red dyes in the northern hemisphere, remarked: “There is some evidence that without blue pigment, the condition that some people refer to as ‘purple’ would no longer be a concern.”

Of course, as a good, neutral reporter, I can only point out that there are two points of view and this is clearly an interesting debate. It must be interesting, because why else would anyone talk about it?

We will have to leave it there.