Donald Trump is a genius

Donald Trump is a genius. And he has totally and completely screwed all of the other Republicans that might be running for President in 2012. Congratulations, Donald.

As I type this, I am watching a “breaking news” live broadcast on MSNBC in which Donald Trump is telling reporters that he has finally succeeded in “getting Obama to release his birth certificate.”

That wording is very important: Trump claims that he is the person who succeeded in finally getting the President to release his birth certificate.

The intimation of this wording is: I am powerful, I can accomplish things that no other Republican—no other person even—has been able to accomplish.

Of course, the real fact of the matter is that President Obama already released a version of his birth certificate a long time ago, and it is easily available on the internet, and all of the agencies in Hawaii have made statements over and over again about the validity of his birth certificate.

But this is something that the Republicans have been in deep denial about since the beginning of this conspiracy theory. They claim that the document release by the President was a “short form,” and they wanted to see the “long form”, even though by lawthe government is not allowed to release copies of the long form. So finally, President Obama requested (and was granted) a special legal exception to allow release of the long form.

Importantly, this contains no real additional information. This is essentially the same thing that President Obama released over a year ago. (The long form has a few more fields of information, that is all.)

But this leaves the entire Republican field of candidates in a tough position on this issue. They now have two options:

A) “This has been a long-settled issue.” Explain to people that Trump has no special powers to get things done, he is just confirming what was already confirmed a long time ago. Of course, admits that every Republican that ever said that the short-form certificate was inadequate was lying.

B) “You’re right, the release of the long-form certificate is a big revelation that finally settles the issue!” Stick to the old story-line that somehow the release of the long-form certificate is ground-breaking. Of course, this amounts to agreeing with Trump and saying: “Yes, Donald Trump is better than us! He was able to do things that we were not able to do!”

Fantastic! And, since in a general election Donald Trump is completely unelectable, “The Donald” has effectively completely ensured that President Obama will be re-elected in 2012.

So now, a new thought for the conspiracy theorists: Was that the plan all along? Is Donald Trump secretly a pro-Obama activist?


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