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bank fees and whining
in Politics

someone said:“Some people are making such a big deal out of bank fees. Yeah, it’s annoying, but let’s not exaggerate. It’s not like it’s causing homelessness and poverty. People need to quit whining.” my thought:I think it would be a really helpful and informative exercise if everybody had to spend a certain amount of time […]

ideologues and ideologies
in Politics

someone said:“The problem with our political system isn’t ideologues. Quite the opposite. The problem with our political system is that neither party has an ideology any more…” my thought:Not true. Conservatives have their ideologues, and they say this: “Freedom. Liberty. That’s all that matters. It’s the most important thing. If poor people die, that’s how […]

new media and misinformation
in Politics

someone said:“The explosion of web sites, bloggers, twitter, and other new media has provided fertile ground for individuals and groups of every ilk and along the entire spectrum of legitimacy to provide information to a wide and diverse audience. The upside is that there is now more opportunity than ever for people to become well […]

health care and compromise
in Politics

someone said:“If the Republicans aren’t going to vote for health care reform anyway, then why are we going with this weak, watered-down compromise bill? We need to forget about the Republicans and just do single payer!” my thought:On the one hand, part of me wants Obama to present his watered-down, non-public-option plan to the Republicans […]

taxes, incentive, and Dumbledore
in Politics

This is an argument I always hear on conservative radio: “The more you tax people, the less incentive you give them to work. And when you tax the higher income people more, you are basically punishing them for working hard! Think about it. How hard would you bother to work if you know that 90% […]

the free market ideal
in Politics

someone said:“There are people who do not believe in the free market. Some of them cling desperately to the information asymmetry that always exist in real life free market transactions, and consider this as an evidence of the systematic inefficiency of the free market system. For them it is scientific proof that the free market […]

labeling the tea party
in Politics

someone said:“Why is everyone trying to put a label and a leash on the Tea Party?” my thought:Labels, categories, concepts…. these are how we understand the world. Saying “don’t label me!” is fine, and to be expected, from an angsty teenager rebelling against authority and trying to find his identity in the world. But it […]

society on the decline
in Politics
People have always been crazy

I read this comment online today: “American citizens no longer take it upon themselves to educate themselves and think critically about today’s issues….” A tiny little red flag went up in my brain when I read the phrase “…no longer…”. We no longer think critically? Did we ever? When you read back over the few […]

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