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militant atheists
in Religion

someone said:“Some traditional atheists, like Paul Kurtz, worry that the militant rhetoric of Dawkins and Hitchens and others will set the movement back.” my thought:I think there is a natural evolution, or “life cycle”, to rights movements of oppressed minorities. First, there is the “invisible” phase : the group isn’t recognized, there is oppression but […]

about Democrats and their issues
in Politics

someone said:“Why isn’t President Obama investigating the war crimes of the Bush administration? Why hasn’t he repealed the PATRIOT act? Why hasn’t he closed gitmo yet?” my thought:The biggest problem that Democrats have, in my opinion, is an inability to triage. I’m against wiretapping. I think DODT should be reversed, and it shouldn’t take a […]

the crisis of 2004 – 2025
in Culture, Politics

W. Strauss and N. Howe wrote in Generations, published in 1991:“In 2004, thirty-five years after Woodstock, Boomers will range in age from 43 to 60. By 2026, the youngest Boomer will be 65, the oldest 82. In the intervening era, as this generation passes through its life phase of maximum power, history suggests it will […]

going to college
in Culture

someone said: “I spent six years in college to get a degree, and now I’m thousands of dollars in debt, and I still work in a coffeehouse because there aren’t any jobs out there and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I wish I hadn’t wasted all of that […]

models and self-esteem
in Culture

someone said:“The fashion industry damages people’s self-esteem by focusing on airbrushed images and a single image of beauty.” my thought:The question is: what are you going to do about it? In my opinion, railing against the fashion industry isn’t the answer. Trying to convince them–or worse, to legislate them–to present more “realistic” images of beauty […]

racing, football, and software development
in Politics

someone said:“I want health care reform. But I don’t like that we are just giving up on the idea of a public option. It’s like we’re running a race, and we’re eighty percent finished, and we decide to just stop and give up before reaching the finish line.” my thought:You hear all kinds of metaphors […]

the middle class
in Politics

someone said:“More people than ever before say that they are scared of falling out of the middle class.” my thought:This kind of public perception has to be interpreted with caution, in my opinion. Because whether or not someone views himself as being “in the middle class” has very little to do with his actual income […]

the definition of God
in Religion
Aliens Talking

There’s a trend among “spiritual-but-not-religious” people to say things like this: “In a new age, we need a new way of viewing God. The idea of God isn’t incompatible with modern science… it just needs to be updated. Why not view God as the sum total of the forces in the universe, so intricately and […]

the Pledge of Allegiance and indoctrination
in Culture

someone said:“My child should not be forced to say ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning. That’s religious indoctrination, and should not be allowed. It goes against the separation of church and state, and it goes against what I believe. I don’t want my child to be brain-washed into believing in God.” […]

power and addiction
in Culture

someone said:“It almost seems that having too much money, and the power it brings, changes the brain’s chemistry. Normal people can be turned into sociopaths if they acquire too much material wealth. It is almost like a chemical addiction.” my thought:Anything that causes pleasure can cause an addiction. And in terms of the brain’s own […]

racists crying racism
in Politics

someone said: “Have you noticed how it seems like there is always somebody being accused of racism these days?” my thought:This is the question I want to ask: Who stands to benefit from the constant cries of “OMG racism!!” in the media? There are many possible answers. One comes to mind for me: Actual racists. […]

seeing both sides
in Politics

someone said:“There are two sides to every story.” my thought: The media has been addicted to the “two sides of every issue” approach for a very long time. It’s impossible to have any news story these days without having two guests on that disagree about something. I remember sitting in a statistics class my first […]

illegal immigration
in Politics

someone said:“President Obama will soon be addressing the immigration issue, and opening up a pathway for illegal immigrants to become citizens.” my thought:This issue is one of the few ways in which I am NOT a stereotypical liberal. In most ways, I am about as “far left” as you can get: I think taxes are […]

Republicans and fear
in Politics

someone said:“Republicans use fear to manipulate people into voting for them.” my thought:I am not usually a cynical person, but I just had a cynical thought. What if there just is no GOOD way to sway the masses? First, let me define “the masses”. There are a huge number of people in the country that […]

President Obama and concessions
in Politics

someone said:“Why is President Obama always making concessions to the Republicans? They have NEVER done that for us when they were in power. Why can’t we do what they did to us: act like a majority and just let them DEAL WITH IT.” my thought:When President Obama said he wanted to change how Washington works, […]

health care and ideology
in Politics

someone said:“Republicans are all corporate whores that don’t care about anything but big business profits!” someone else said:“Democrats just want a government take-over and power!” my thought:I’m going to try to do what I haven’t yet seen anyone do: give both sides the benefit of the doubt, and see both sides in the light that […]

religion and the modern world
in Culture

someone said:“I find all religions incongruous with a modern society…” my thought:This is EXACTLY why you need to be exposed to more information about religion. You are obviously a very intelligent guy. And I am sure you have a lot of experiences to back up your negative reaction to the concept of “religion”. But religion […]

criticizing religion
in Religion

someone said:“It is difficult to have a rational discussion that mixes politics and religion. It seems like the conversation is divided by people who are religious nuts, and people who just want to tear down religion completely.” my thought:Absolutely. Although I am a liberal agnostic, I always find myself defending religious belief against the attacks […]

"spiritual" and "religious"
in Religion

someone said:“More young people today are defining themselves as ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’.” my thought:I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing, because I think there are at least two very different groups that tend to describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious”. On the one hand: People who have done […]

the purpose of the opposition
in Politics

someone said:“In fact, as the opposition party, it is their duty to oppose the majority party’s agenda.” my thought:No, it’s really not. I mean, that’s how they have defined themselves: the party that wants the opposite of the “other guys”. But historically, ideally, and at their roots, the DUTY of any political party is to […]

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