about Democrats and their issues

someone said:“Why isn’t President Obama investigating the war crimes of the Bush administration? Why hasn’t he repealed the PATRIOT act? Why hasn’t he closed gitmo yet?”

my thought:The biggest problem that Democrats have, in my opinion, is an inability to triage.

I’m against wiretapping. I think DODT should be reversed, and it shouldn’t take a year-long study to do it. I think that it would be cool if Guantanamo Bay were closed.

But good grief, people. If you consider yourself a liberal, can’t you just quit your whining for ONE MINUTE about your own pet personal priority and get whole-heartedly behind what the president is working on?

Conservatives are really good at sucking it up and supporting “their guy” in power; and no matter how much we might enjoy making fun of them for “marching in lock-step”, let’s face it: this is part of why they win elections!

So let’s FOCUS for once: The president is doing a great job on a number of absolutely critical things that he is working on, even though he is facing ridiculous opposition and was dealt an abysmal starting point. Let’s get behind him, instead of getting distracted by every little thing and whining “but… but… what about THIS!?!?!?!?!?”

I swear, you are like the pro-hemp protesters at an anti-war rally. FOCUS, PEOPLE!