models and self-esteem

someone said:“The fashion industry damages people’s self-esteem by focusing on airbrushed images and a single image of beauty.”

my thought:The question is: what are you going to do about it? In my opinion, railing against the fashion industry isn’t the answer. Trying to convince them–or worse, to legislate them–to present more “realistic” images of beauty will simply never work. Neither will demonizing them.

In my opinion, your focus shouldn’t be on them at all.

It should be on the people who are being hurt. Why? Because they don’t have to be.

Let me explain. When you see your teenager staring at models on magazine covers every day, this should be an opportunity for education.

“Hey, did you know that on average, for every perfect photo you see of a model in a magazine, a fashion photographer has actually taken about 100 shots. You only see the very best one.”

Let’s turn this problem on its head. Instead of the somewhat (arguably) depressing message “nobody is really that beautiful”, you should be telling your daughter (or son, or friend), that anyone can look incredible.

“That model doesn’t look that good on a day to day basis… this is how beautiful she can look. You can look incredible, too, when you have perfect make-up, perfect lighting, and choose only the best photo out of 100.”

Photos in magazines only create unrealistic expectations IF the person looking at the picture thinks: “This is how that model looks when walking down the street.” You can train yourself–or your teenager, or your friend–to simply remember that that isn’t true.



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