racists crying racism

someone said: “Have you noticed how it seems like there is always somebody being accused of racism these days?”

my thought:This is the question I want to ask: Who stands to benefit from the constant cries of “OMG racism!!” in the media?

There are many possible answers. One comes to mind for me:

Actual racists.

Because it muddies the waters. It makes it so that people experience fatigue with the whole thing, diminishing the impact until racism isn’t bad or shocking or harmful, or something to be worked against. It’s just a political label.

That’s why any time a prominent Democrat makes a verbal misstep Rush and Sean and the rest predictably spend an entire day’s radio program on it. “They’re racists, too! They’re worst than Republicans! Everything is racism! Nothing is racism! If everything looks like racism, then nothing really is racism! Look over here!”

Does anyone NOT think this is a deliberate strategy? If people hear accusations shot back and forth, then eventually they shut down.

“Racism isn’t a real problem. It’s just a political tool, a label, a manipulation.”

That’s the end-game, for racists: convincing the population that racism doesn’t exist, because the word itself becomes synonymous with political bickering.