Republicans and fear

someone said:“Republicans use fear to manipulate people into voting for them.”

my thought:I am not usually a cynical person, but I just had a cynical thought.

What if there just is no GOOD way to sway the masses?

First, let me define “the masses”. There are a huge number of people in the country that don’t follow politics, don’t really think too hard about these issues, don’t really understand the relationships between many political ideas, and don’t really care to try. Their world is confined to the politics of work and food and figuring out how to relax while on a budget. They are not analytical; they are emotional. They react from their gut, and when they hear something that “sounds right” they believe it MUST BE RIGHT. They do not like gray areas.

That’s the “masses”, and I firmly believe it’s a majority of the population.

They are not swayed by logic, or argument, or higher philosophy. They are swayed by emotion.

The Republicans have chosen fear.

What have YOU chosen, Democrats?

Sympathy? Frustration? Peace and love? Higher morality? No offense, but maybe that’s why Democrats get voted out of office so much. And every time Democrats HAVE been voted in, it’s been based on emotion, not ideals. You have to manipulate emotion to get elected by the masses.

So…. are you mad that Republicans play on fear?

Or are you mad that they have found a more effective emotion to manipulate than YOU have?