religion and the modern world

someone said:“I find all religions incongruous with a modern society…”

my thought:This is EXACTLY why you need to be exposed to more information about religion.

You are obviously a very intelligent guy. And I am sure you have a lot of experiences to back up your negative reaction to the concept of “religion”.

But religion — being a man-made concept — is what you make of it. Like anything else in this world. It’s possible to talk about it academically (and condescendingly) as “oh that’s another factor that influences the masses!” ….. but I think what you need (and what many people in this forum need) is to get a feel for what resonates with religious instincts in you. And what place they might have in your life.

My mother was born Catholic, and has been Protestant, agnostic, and Unitarian, and last year she said this to me:

“You know the expression, ‘Actions speak louder than words’? Well, I think it is true… and specifically, I think actions DO speak. I think of my actions as a conversation, and the way I live my life is my conversation with God. And my goal is to have the best conversation I can.”

THAT, my friend, is true personal religion. And it is not “incongruous with modern society” at all.