bank fees and whining

someone said:“Some people are making such a big deal out of bank fees. Yeah, it’s annoying, but let’s not exaggerate. It’s not like it’s causing homelessness and poverty. People need to quit whining.”

my thought:I think it would be a really helpful and informative exercise if everybody had to spend a certain amount of time being poor. Maybe a month. It still wouldn’t be the same experience as actually BEING poor, of course… since you’d know it would be over in a month.

But it gives you a certain amount of perspective, to be getting a weekly paycheck that amounts to about $250. You have to spend two of those paychecks JUST to pay for your crappy one-room, 500 sq ft apartment. You get close to the end of the month and you realize you are having oatmeal for dinner every night for a week, UNLESS you decide not to wash your clothes. You deliberately have to overdraft your account to fill your car with gasoline, because otherwise you LOSE the little income that you have.

When you’re living like that, you better believe $35 is a big deal. It’s a few meals. It’s the difference between having your electricity shut off or not. It’s you being able to drive to work or not.