ideologues and ideologies

someone said:“The problem with our political system isn’t ideologues. Quite the opposite. The problem with our political system is that neither party has an ideology any more…”

my thought:Not true.

Conservatives have their ideologues, and they say this: “Freedom. Liberty. That’s all that matters. It’s the most important thing. If poor people die, that’s how life is. Free market. Freedom. Liberty. If you are poor, it is because you didn’t try hard enough. And even if you did, that’s the shakes. Because at least you have freedom. And liberty. That’s all that matters.”

And liberals have their ideologues, and they say this: “Life should be better. For everyone. Life is unfair, and it shouldn’t be. Make life fair, that’s what matters. Make it fair for poor people and fair for minorities and fair for cripples, and if you have energy left over, by the way, it should be fair for those poor little puppies that never did anything wrong, too. That is what is important, making things fair.”

And THAT is why the people who want to actually govern say that being an ideologue is a bad thing.