health care and compromise

someone said:“If the Republicans aren’t going to vote for health care reform anyway, then why are we going with this weak, watered-down compromise bill? We need to forget about the Republicans and just do single payer!”

my thought:On the one hand, part of me wants Obama to present his watered-down, non-public-option plan to the Republicans during the bi-partisan summit, just so that when they say “no” he can sit back, sigh dramatically, say, “Well, I tried my best to work together with you, now….. IT’S GAME TIME.” At which point he rips off his energy mask, bursts out of his suit with bulging green muscles, grabs his Ball Of Lightning (or whatever his superhero weapon of choice would be) and forces a public option down everyone’s throats like all good lefty liberals have wanted him to do all along.

On the other hand, part of me thinks that we honestly do live in a diverse country with diverse views, and if we (liberals) want them (conservatives) to suck up and deal with the fact that they won’t get everything they want, then we have to do the same, ourselves.

The first idea is much more emotionally satisfying. Regrettably, I fear that the second idea may be more rational.