My first gingerbread house

I’m a full-blown adult, and I decided I wanted to make a gingerbread house. Since I’ve never made one before, I used a very standard recipe and set of “templates” for making the gingerbread dough, and cutting the shapes of the walls that would eventually be built into the house.

But since I can’t ever be totally traditional about things, I decided that the way I would put my personality into this house is with the decoration. So first, I decorated all of the walls and the roof pieces.


Naturally, no good Christmas Gingerbread House is complete without an Eye of Horus over the front door. The Eye of Horus, after all, is how Santa watches you to know whether you’ve been bad or good!


But then I realized that during Christmas time, houses often have Christmas trees inside of them. So, I thought it only right to make a candy Christmas Tree for the house.


Which would then be inside the house.


Finally I added the roof, and all of the stuff in the yard.


But the best part is that Candy Christmas Tree is still visible as a detail through the little round window in the front of the house. I think that’s cool.