Delete Facebook

How to safely delete Facebook from your life

Step-by-step instructions for freeing yourself.


Spending time as an octopus

I'm trying.

Sandstorm in desert national park Altyn-Emel, Kazakhstan

My responsibility to the storm

Reflections on my own conduct during difficult times.

Newton's Gravity


An examination of what it means to be "open-minded" in science.



How does purpose happen in a spiritless world?

Road Rage

Stupid idiots

Who do we blame when systems break down?

Objective Function

Making complex decisions in a multidimensional world.

Greg Stevens 2019

Gap year: 2019

What happened to 2019?

Some thoughts about the “expectation of privacy”

It's a weaselly little phrase.

Using biology to understand polling data

...even when the results don't seem to make sense.

What happened when I called conservatives vermin

Spoiler: They missed the point entirely.

Motivation and control

How do we cope with things about ourselves that we can't change?

Self-censorship and the society of mind

The idea of self-censorship is rooted in a tangled mess of assumptions.

“They have their statue, why can’t we have ours?”

A look at how policy shapes culture.

This is how feudalism starts

The conditions that produced feudalism in the middle ages are eerily familiar.