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Greg Stevens, Joe Riggs and Jason Hanna at the TurnItUpForChange event at the W Hotels for Marriage Equality 2015

What does it mean to write with courage?

Ever since Thor Holt interviewed me for his podcast "Write With Courage", I have been thinking about that core concept. What does it mean to write with courage? Many people think that being combative, abrasive and contrarian is "courageous". They are wrong. Real courage takes sharpening your teeth on something new. Real courage means challenging yourself more than others. Real courage means being a pioneer, and finding the area complexity that every side of a popular debate ignores. In the current age of social media, it literally costs you nothing to be an contrarian: to be an "anti-sheep" is no more courageous than being a sheep. You can broadcast abusive and abrasive language to millions, and get people very riled up, at absolutely no cost or risk to yourself. Is that a good way of measuring courage? No. In fact, the opposite is true: being a deliberate provocateur online, in today's sociopolitical climate, is a sign of being lazy, shallow and weak.

Microaggressions against my favorite novels

Sad Book
Neither of my two favorite novels made it into the Telegraph's list of "100 novels everyone should read", and I feel really bad for them. How must that make them feel? I picture them, sitting on some Platonic Ideal of a book shelve in the universe of Abstraction, hanging their heads a little. They are filled with self-doubt. "Am I not good enough?" they ask. "Is this just the opinion of a few journalists, or does everyone feel this way about me?" I feel like I should reach out and try to reassure them in some way, and let them know that just because some people aren't that into them, doesn't mean that it is an objective truth.

Patriarchy, traffic jams and complex systems

A traffic jam
Before we get into the very complicated and messy topic of "patriarchy", I'd like to share with you three fun facts about traffic jams: 1) traffic jams are real, 2) Traffic jams do things that cars don't, and 3) You can help prevent traffic jams. Once we've talked about that, we can take the next step, and ask: What lessons about patriarchy can we take away from all of this talk of traffic jams?

This is why I support the Black Lives Matter interruption of Toronto Gay Pride

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement brought the Toronto LGBT Pride Parade to a halt for 30 minutes in a protest that only ended after a list of demands was met. There was a lot of hubbub about this on social media last night. Conservatives saying "sere how liberals eat their own!" Gay people talking about how terrible it is for BLM to be so rude and not show unity. So I did something that doesn't seem to happen a lot on social media. Before I reacted, I reached out to the people involved, and I asked them to give me some context for what was going on.

Social Constructs 101: what the term means, and what it doesn’t mean

The complex thing that is gender
The idea of the "social construct" has seeped into popular culture and is being abused by activists of all sorts. Claims like "gender is a social construct" get thrown around, and amazingly both the people who argue for and the people who argue against the claim often have no idea what they are talking about. So this will be a short and simple question-and-answer style lesson on social constructivism, a sort of "Social Constructs 101", so that the next time you argue with someone about whether gender or race (or anything else) is a social construct, you can know what you're talking about.

Will laws relating bathroom use to birth certificates make people safer?

Greg Stevens and Valerie Jackson talk about anti-transgender bathroom laws
My latest chit-chat interview with Valerie Jackson is about the new appearance of bathroom laws that require people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificate. Critics call them "anti-trans bathroom laws" and say they are attacks on the trans community, supporters say it's just a way to make bathrooms safe from sexual predators. But even if that's their goal, can these laws actually make bathrooms safer?

The woman who invented Facebook

Facebook is for sharing pictures and stories
"She has 14 grandchildren, and she loves spending time with them. Oh, she loves them so much! She will have them all over for a day, on special occasions, so they can spend time together. But while they are with her, she takes away all of their phones! She wants the kids to do real activities, and create memories together. She's completely against kids these days being on their phones, and texting, and all that online social stuff. She hates it."

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