TRANSCRIPT: Well..."don't make assumptions" seems silly. A very, very, VERY small amount of people are trans...just like a small amount of people are gay compared to the general population. There is nothing wrong with assuming that someone is the gender they appear to be. Most are. Just like it isn't wrong to assume that someone is heterosexual. You should be able to take correction if wrong, but assuming in the first place is fine and normal.

Your argument is completely correct, and also wrong.

Deconstructing a Twitter case study in non-communication.

Trump hates this picture the most

Trump is my president

And this is why it's important for him to be yours, as well.


Recipe: sugar free, carb free, low fat, high protein brownies

My friends tell me it tastes like sadness.


God hates cities (and competent people)

The story of the Tower of Babel, annotated for your reading pleasure.

How I became a radical

How I became radicalized (and so can you)

This is going to make the Trumpsters' lives a living hell.

Osama's response to Trump's election

This is how a gay atheist immigrant from Jordan is handling Trump’s election

His name is Osama, he lives in Dallas, and he's not going anywhere.

Generations by William Strauss and Neil Howe

25 years ago this book predicted Trump, Hillary and war with ISIS

It was published in 1991, and these quotes are scary accurate.


What does it mean to write with courage?

Many people think that being combative, abrasive and contrarian is "courageous". They are wrong.

Sad Book

Microaggressions against my favorite novels

My favorite novels didn't make it onto the list "100 novels everyone should read". I feel bad for them.

A traffic jam

Patriarchy, traffic jams and complex systems

This might change your view on why patriarchy exists, or whether it exists at all.


Why I supported Black Lives Matter interrupting Gay Pride

It helps to talk to people who were there.

The complex thing that is gender

Social Constructs 101: what the term means, and what it doesn’t mean

You should know what you're talking about.

Greg Stevens and Valerie Jackson talk about anti-transgender bathroom laws

Will laws relating bathroom use to birth certificates make people safer?

These laws might actually have the opposite effect.

Facebook is for sharing pictures and stories

The woman who invented Facebook

She's in her 70's and hates this newfangled technology.

Political distances among contacts of Moroccan nationalists between 1930-1950

Democracy 2.0: technology can improve how we elect leaders

Surely we can use technology to do better.

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